Видео: Celestron FirstScope 76mm Telescope

Orion Funscope / Celestron Firstscope review/comparison

David Fuller from "Eyes on the Sky" compares and contrasts the Orion Funscope and the Celestron Firstscope and with the ...

Firstscope Telescope Review - Celestron Telescope - Telescope Reviews #1

This is a review of the Celestron Firstscope Telescope! Link to Celestron store ...

Saturn through my Celestron Firstscope.

Just a quick video about what Saturn looks like through my Celestron Firstscope.

Review of the Celestron Firstscope.

This is a little review of the Celestron Firstscope. I've had this for almost a year now.

The Beauty of the Moon through my Celestron Firstscope.

This is the moon through my 76mm Celestron Firstscope.

How to start using the Celestron FirstScope telescope

The video quality is less than great, but it gets the job done easily enough.

FirstScope Telescope Tour

Named Official Product of International Year of Astronomy 2009, FirstScope pays tribute to the men and women who brought us ...

Best Telescopes 2019 - Telescope Review

The Telescopes we mentioned in this video: ▻ 4. Celestron ExploraScope 22103 114AZ Reflector Telescope ...

Celestron FirstScope first impressions (mixed)

My first experience with a Celestron FirstScope. They should improve the eyepiece.

Moon through Celestron FirstScope & IP camera IPA1517Q

Moon through Celestron FirstScope with sc2000 IPA1517Q ip camera.

FirstScope Signature Series Moon by Robert Reeves

Celestron's beloved entry-level telescope gets a stunning new look! The Signature Series FirstScope features a superb Moon ...

Uso básico de Celestron Firstscope 76mm - rápido y fácil

Español, Spanish how to use Celesteon First Scope 76mm.

Celestron FirstScope - Solar System Compilation

To get those videos, I use the cheap CMOS webcam, in which is not the best sensor to this application. The recommended sensor ...

Celestron Firstscope or Orion Funscope: Should you buy one?

This is a comprehensive video on all aspects of these small tabletop dobsonian telescopes. amazon link to these types of ...


HERE'S THE LINK FROM WHERE I BOUGHT IT https://www.amazon.in/gp/aw/d/B001UQ6E4Y THIS IS AN AMAZING ...

Moon with 76mm Telescope 14/2/16

HD 720 recording of the moon with 76mm reflector , slight windy conditions- first moon video of 2016 with kenko 20D TV camera ...

The Moon viewed through a web cam and a cheap 76mm reflector telescope

A diy project that worked better than I thought it would, low res c120 web cam and a $50 reflector telescope and heres the results, ...

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